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Rural broadband infrastructure bill

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Jul 15, 2021 · On a voice vote, the House Agriculture Committee approved a bill on Wednesday to provide $43 billion over eight years to bring broadband service to hundreds of thousands of families and businesses that lack access now. Chairman David Scott said Democratic leaders were “looking to move this in an expeditious way to the Senate.”.

On November 18, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will release the first draft of its new National Broadband Map, a comprehensive, location-by-location view of high-speed Internet availability across the nation. The map is a more detailed and precise reflection of the availability of fixed and mobile broadband services in all 3,069.

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In addition, there is a bill in congress as of this date (with much bi-partisan support) featuring another $80 Billion earmarked for broadband access for "rural and underserved" populations. Now we're up to well over $100 Billion being thrown at the rural broadband infrastructure problem. And that may not be the end of the money.

The Broadband Infrastructure Program is a $288 million broadband deployment program directed to partnerships between a state, or one or more political subdivisions of a state, and providers of fixed broadband service to support broadband infrastructure deployment to areas lacking broadband, especially rural areas.

Exactly. The FCC has always used provider data to create the broadband map. And basically, if a single address in a census block (often an entire zip code) is claimed by that provider to have the FCC's definition of broadband (currently 25/3, but some in Congress want it lowered back to 10/3), then the FCC maps the entire census block as having broadband.

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